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Components for gas furnace


As a part that is used in the gas boiler, confidentiality is required on parts including the manifold due to casualties in case of gas leak according to characteristics of the boiler. As a precise part that is released when the lot leak test is performed after assembling the SUB, products are classified according to the LNG/LPG gas types.

Gas pressure regulator assembly

Electrolux, GE, Mabe, LG

As a part of pressure controller for gas range, it has been developed by our company and patented. This is a precise part that requires to maintain the life span for a long time and also high level of reliability.

Components for oven range


As a part that is used for kitchen cooking utensils such as gas oven range or induction, there are knob, handle, and chassis, etc. This part becomes sub-assy after processing the surface including the sealing and plating.
Part that is installed on quality products with outstanding quality on the appearance with high level of reliability.

Burner cap, ventury assembly

SK Magic

As a burner part for gas oven range, it requires high level of reliability and precise sized process on the functional and assembly parts.

Plated, painted handles

GE, Samsung, LG

As a part that is used for door handle including gas oven range and induction, it is the item used on the appearance. It is the part that is released after proceeding the follow-up process including sealing/plating and installed on the quality products.

Components for oven range and industrial product


As a part for knob and handle for gas oven range, it provides outstanding appearance and is released after processing on the surface including sealing and plating and testing on the entire quantity.

Automatic gas opening/closing valve

SK Magic, Electrolux

As a part of gas oven range, it is the product that is exported to Electrolux Company, and its functions are as follows.

  • Rated operating pressure: 5.0 Kpa
  • Coil class: E
    Durability: When experimenting 50,000 cycles (cycle to operate for 1 second and stop for 1 second), 120 degree of peripheral temperature, and rated voltage (20VDC) for the life span, there are less malfunction, leakage, and electronic failure without losing insulation resistance.

Gas control valve (unified gas pressure controller + solenoid valve)

Electrolux, GE

As a part that is used for gas dryer, our company has developed it for the second time in the world. This is the product unified with the gas pressure controller and solenoid.

Main body of board in washing unit


As a product that is exported to GE (General Electric), it requires a high level of precision on the process with CNC shelf work and automatic tapping work.

Electronic pressure rice cooker lid

Samsung, Cuckoo

In the past, pressure rice cooker had a function for cooking rice and keeping it warm. However, as the pressure rice cooking function is developed on the electronic rice cooker, lid of electronic pressure rice cooker has been manufactured with die-casting to process the surface with teflon to improve the resistance against high pressure and thermal changes.


Daewoo elec

As a product that is manufactured with advanced and aluminum-made casting (die-casting facility) work technology, minute bubbles, foreign substances, and un-molded features do not influence on the functions of the product.
Especially, this product has complicated metal structures compared to other models along with many processes that no error is allowed. Therefore, this product is managed with focus on the thorough distribution on the quality control.