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Specializing in parts, we purchase requiring parts from axcelis technologies
and second vendor. We also provide premium service.

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Dong Yang Die Casting Corporation

Dong Yang Die Casting Corporation is a manufacturing company that manufactures
and die-casts molds for the automobile parts and home appliances in the use of aluminum,
zinc, and nickel and casts, processes, molds, and assembles in the part of production process.

Established on March, 1987, they have participated in the commercial development with the fields of home appliances and automobile parts in Korea through research and development with outstanding passion and tenacity by a manager reducing the costs and improving the quality. Hereupon, they have been granted with the prizes of commendation and contribution multiple times from companies.

Dong Yang is now exporting products to global companies, GE (General Electric) and Electrolux.

In 2003, Dong Yang acquired ISO-14000. In 2004, they have upgraded it to ISO-9001 and acquired the patent with the development of new materials. They also have developed special die-casting construction method and acquired venture company certification.

Dong Yang is seeking for various methods including the adoption of advanced technology, information exchange, and education in field trip from companies in foreign countries as well as cooperation with companies in the same field. In addition, Dong Yang is now focusing on the top priority on quality, technological development, and cultivation of foreign markets to become the best company in Korea.

All the employees in Dong Yang are closely working together as a family member to lead the field in the 21st Century.

Headquarters/Incheon factory
(Incheon Namdong Industrial Complex)

Gaeseong factory
(Gaeseong Industrial Complex)

Hwaseong factory
(Gyeonggi Hwaseong Bio-Valley)