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Main body of key for the apartment

Product requiring solidity as a door lock to be installed on the entrance door at an apartment or a house

Parts for the case of unmanned camera

  • As a case part for the unmanned camera, this part requires focused management on the front surface when working on the die-casting while concentrating on the scratch, bubble, or unmolded points on the appearance.
  • Especially, the quality of parts on the surface depends on each process due to diversity of follow-up process. In addition, as a part for producing the entire parts in unmanned camera case, there are rear case, side bar, and front. The production process is proceeded in an order of casting, processing, sanding, sealing, and lot test.

Boiler manifold assembly

  • As a boiler manifold assy for family use, it requires a thorough leak test and nozzle caliber management according to the characteristics of gas devices. As highly precise process is required on the joint assembly pats, there are many types of products such as 16k cal, 30k cal, 40k cal.
  • Precise size management is required on the nozzle caliber. Especially, it has an outstanding precision on the processing size with CNC process during the thorough gas leak test and die-casting with focus on the leak test.

Gas boiler combustion ass’y

  • As a part that is installed on the burner of gas boiler serving a role of releasing waste gas and inserting new air, it is comprised of two types of forced and natural exhaust. In addition, it has higher level of size precision and workability than when producing as an existing PREE item.

Model train and boiler parts

Precision is required on the appearance (model train).
Internal parts in the boiler requiring heat-resisting property and the size precision.